RAMP for Animal Owners

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Assurance your Animal is in Excellent Hands
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RAMP Ensures our Registrants Maintain our Gold Standards.

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RAMP for Animal Owners

Musculoskeletal Therapies for Animals

Chiropractic, Osteopathy and Physiotherapy approaches to animal care are very popular with animal owners:

  • They are well-known treatment modalities for musculoskeletal conditions
  • Once referred, care follows assessment in the same appointment
  • They can enhance performance in competitive animals
  • They can help to enhance the quality of life in the elderly and sick animal
  • They are non-invasive — they do not require surgery or drugs

Our Gold Standard

This Register only accepts people who meet the RAMP Standards.

These include:

  1. Educational qualifications - knowledge base, skills & proficiency
  2. Proof of Professional Indemnity Insurance
  3. Proof of Public Liability Insurance - to make sure you are covered in case of accidents
  4. Signed and audited undertaking for the minimum level of Continuing Professional Development
  5. Signed acceptance of the Standards for Practice - to the equivalent level of practitioners in the human field

Further details of these standards appear in the RAMP Foundation Document downloadable below.

Easing Your Decision

Many training establishments offer courses in these approaches. In the past, this made it difficult to understand who provides what, and the quality of their work is hard to judge. That then led to confusion amongst animal owners and veterinary professionals.

The RAMP Register was therefore created to clarify the situation, by bringing together practitioners who work only within their scope of practice and have demonstrated a professional level of education and/or clinical experience. This offers peace of mind to everyone who approaches a RAMP registrant.

We are also working to standardise the levels of education provided by the training courses to make it easier for their graduates to join the RAMP Register you can find more details on our Education page.

Please note: As the animal owner, it remains your responsibility to check the credentials of a practitioner before they assess or treat your animal. RAMP cannot be held responsible for the actions of any registrant at work but will investigate any complaints made against them.

Using The Register

Because this is a voluntary register, you can be sure that all listed here have made the deliberate decision to demonstrate their commitment to the highest levels of quality in their treatment of your animal.

Through this website, you can:

  1. Find a musculoskeletal practitioner, who practices Chiropractic, Osteopathy or Physiotherapy techniques
  2. Check the credentials of a practitioner you wish to use
  3. Make a complaint about a practitioner registered with us


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