Our Complaints Procedure

We aim to address all complaints seriously and with respect to all parties.

Acceptance onto the Register requires applicants to work within their Scope of Practice and adhere to the RAMP Code of Conduct. Any complaint received by RAMP triggers an investigation into the circumstances, the Registrant's continued adherence to those same strict criteria and the level to which the complaint should be escalated.

Our Complaints Procedure aims:

  1. To encourage early resolution of complaints including use of mediation where appropriate.

  2. To provide good advice and support for those providing information and evidence in relation to complaints and disciplinary cases.

  3. To focus on protecting animals and their owners (and the public where necessary), and mediating resolution where possible.

  4. To develop our procedures and policies based on user feedback.

Please also use this form if you have a complaint about RAMP.

We advise reference to the Guidance to Making a Complaint to RAMP, Scope of Practice and Code of Conduct downloads.

If you have an informal concern rather than a complaint in the first instance, please use the Contact Us functionality at the bottom of the page. If you wish to lodge complaint, please fill in and submit the form below.

Please complete all the details as clearly and objectively as possible.

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Please Note: Neither RAMP nor any member of its Council can be held responsible for any consequences arising from any information provided through this website.

Complaints submitted to RAMP cannot result in any compensation from RAMP or its Council, but may lead to consideration of the practioner being removed from the Register or further investigation by another authority.

All registrants hold professional indemnity insurance and public liability cover. Any complaints regarding a loss caused by a practitioner should therefore be made to the practitioner directly (in the first instance) and if necessary, their professional governing body.