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This section contains information about the two educational standards that have been set by RAMP since August 2017. These standards have now been implemented to support students seeking good quality education that can be used towards a RAMP application and CPD requirements. An outline of the two standards can be found below and further information can be found in the RAMP Foundation Document.

Accredited Educational Providers (AEP)

These are establishments whose courses fully and wholly fulfil RAMP’s educational criteria, allowing graduates to apply for the RAMP register by providing only their Certificate and evidence of their final grade for their educational component, along with the other non-educational requirements (eg suitable insurance, etc - as below).

Recognised Educational Providers (REP)

These are establishments whose courses have been assessed as providing a good standard of training, much of which can be used in graduates' applications to the RAMP Register, though some additional educational attainments may be required.

These two standards are linked:

  • Courses currently assessed as meeting AEP standards will have previously met the REP standard.
  • Courses currently assessed as meeting REP standards may prepare changes to align with the AEP standard and apply to that assessment process.

NOTE: Some education providers have several courses at different standards.

For clarity, it is important to explain that acceptance onto the RAMP Register requires more than educational achievements as the intention of the Register is to ensure the Gold Standard of practice. Also required are:

  1. Signed acceptance of the Standards for Practice
  2. Proof of Professional Indemnity Insurance
  3. Proof of Public Liability Insurance
  4. Signed undertaking for the minimum level of Continuing Professional Development

ALL graduates of REP and AEP schools are still required to complete the Standard Application process and it is the individual's responsibility to provide clear evidence of their training and hours of study.

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