Why Become a RAMP Assessed Provider

Working together to manage our own Industry.

The RAMP has been developed as a response to DEFRA’s concerns that the Musculoskeletal Therapy Sector, as a relatively young industry, contains multiple competing disciplines that cause confusion for animal owners and vets alike, potentially compromising animal welfare.

Lack of clarity of Educational pathways were identified within the discussions and the Educational Standards of Animal Therapists Criteria was developed that provided Day one competencies equivalent to those of their human counterparts in the three Professions registered by RAMP.

The large number of enquiries that RAMP has received from prospective students demonstrates that there this is confusion within this group of potential Therapists.

RAMP Educational Providers:

  • Recognise the Industry wide need to provide clarity on the Education they provide.
  • Contribute to the ongoing commitment to educate Musculoskeletal Practioners to the Gold Standard set by RAMP.
  • Will be included in the discussion to develop RAMP Educational Criteria.
  • Prove to potential Students they have volunteered to scrutiny and fulfil RAMP Gold Standard Education Criteria.
  • Can advertise their Graduates gain simplified entry to RAMP.
  • Are intitled to use the appropriate RAMP logo to evidence their commitment.

To Maintain Your Registration

Complete an annual Renewal form declaring the registered course has not changed and continues to offer the same standard as first reviewed.

Pay the relevant annual Renewal Fee.

Notify RAMP of any changes you make to the registered course.

Maintain your registration
Please contact us to renew your account

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Two Ways to Become a RAMP Educational Provider

Accessible Education Maintaining Standards


Accredited Educational Providers (AEP) status awarded to educational establishments whose courses have been scrutinised and reviewed by RAMP and wholly and fully fulfil RAMP’s educational criteria, allowing graduates to apply for the RAMP Register with absolute ease. Alumni of such courses need only provide evidence of their final grade and certification for the educational element of their RAMP application albeit all other requirements e.g. proof of insurance and CPD requirements remain unaffected.

More Information

The academic level of a training course that can provide Graduates with automatic entry must be able to meet the Professional Standards for Registrants. It must be taught and examined as Level 6 which is equivalent to a standard full-time three-year BSc degree.

This includes:

  • A minimum of 1000 hours of clinically relevant hands-on practice to equip students with high-level assessment and treatment skills for day-one competencies.
  • A minimum of 200 hours of this must comprise of practice on the animal model, the remainder may consist of human based practical in your chosen field of expertise.
  • A minimum of 2000 hours of teaching in the Essential Knowledge, Theoretical Understanding and Clinical Understanding as described in the Foundation Document Section 6.
  • A minimum of 500 hours of this must be based on the animal model, the remainder may be based on human theoretical and clinical understanding in your chosen field of expertise.
  • The course must have validation by a recognized Educational Institute (EI).
  • Examination invigilators should include an appropriately skilled senior practitioner in the relevant profession who should be external to the Educational Institution.
  • AEP awarded institutions are expected to declare annually, that their courses/program remain at the same standard and must be re-reviewed if more than 25% of the course has been amended in a 12- month period.

All Educational Providers must renew annually, declare that the registered course has not changed and continues to offer the same standard as first reviewed.

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RAMP Recognised Educational Provider (REP) status is awarded to educational providers that demonstrate, a commitment to provide quality MSK animal education in one of the core disciplines. Recognized Providers, however, fall short of some of the criteria to fulfil AEP status, hence the two types of awards are available. This means that the REP courses advertised on the RAMP website are of good quality and may be used toward the overall criteria of RAMP registration.

More Information

We understand that there is a demand for compatible courses and for upgrade routes for those practitioners unable to meet the AEP criteria. In order to support this and ensure prospective students can access information about good quality education, we have created a second pathway for educational institutes and appropriate taught content in line with RAMP’s educational criteria.

Any course can be assessed for acceptance to the Register. The only stipulation is that the core education must fall within the discipline of osteopathy, physiotherapy or chiropractic for animals. Therefore, all REP applicant schools must offer a qualification in at least one of these disciplines for animals.

Educational Providers should show at least partial compliance to the RAMP standards listed above as for AEP criteria.

REP Educational Providers courses must be re-reviewed by the RAMP Education Department if more than 25% of their course has changed within the 12-month period.

All Educational Providers must renew annually, declare that the registered course has not changed and continues to offer the same standard as first reviewed.

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