Welcome to K9HS a RAMP first.

Posted: 26.04.2024

RAMP are delighted to welcome the first RAMP recognised (REP) program in Canine Clinical Hydrotherapy, delivered by the legendary Barbara Houlding and her team at K9HS. It is an exciting week for RAMP as we are able to recognise this Level 4 Diploma in Canine Clinical Hydrotherapy course which will allow RAMP applicants to submit this course as part of their education submission.
The program will use up all of the hydrotherapy allocation for a RAMP submission and delivers 46 Level 4 academic credits and 70 practical hours. It can be used in combination with other academic achievements to build a portfolio towards RAMP registration. In addition it can also be used to establish graduates as canine hydrotherapists and also clinical education for qualified musculoskeletal practitioners looking to top up their hydrotherapy skills.

The course is accredited by iPET Network who are an OFQUAL recognised awarding organisation, they quality assure the course and are the awarding body.
RAMP are delighted we are continuing to attract high quality providers and signpost potential learners to meaningful education to ensure best care for our animals.