RAMP attend National Equine Forum

Posted: 05.03.2022
Jo Paul at National Equine Forum

RAMP President Jo Paul and Co-founder Vav Simon attended the National Equine Forum in March this year. We connected with many representatives of welfare organisations including World Horse Welfare, RSPCA and BEVA. There was a wide range of topics discussed from the BHS contribution to the new highway code, worm resistance in equines, workforce diversity, concerns about shortage of skilled workforce in the equestrian industry and social licence to own and ride horses.
A hot topic currently is if we lose social licence that we will be banned from riding horses in the future. Those people that are for and against the use of horses for leisure purposes will be constant however it is the agnostic and ambivalent population we must reassure that the best care is taken to look after horses. RAMP see competent regulation of MSK professionals will play a part in evidencing the care owners and the veterinary establishment take to care for animals.